Sentence Examples

  • It was by suppressing, through such self-torture, the influence on his soul of all sensations that the Jain could obtain salvation.
  • We may therefore expect in primitive asceticism to find many abstentions and much self-torture apparently valueless for the training of character and discipline of the feelings, which are the essence of any healthy asceticism.
  • Still unsatisfied, he next retired to the jungle of Uruvela, on the most northerly spur of the Vindhya range of mountains, and there for six years, attended by five faithful disciples, he gave himself up to the severest penance and self-torture, till his fame as an ascetic spread in all the country round about "like the sound," says the Burmese chronicle, "of a great bell hung in the canopy of the skies."
  • But the most revolting methods of self-torture and self-destruction are also practised as a means of rising in sanctity.