Sentence Examples

  • The Treveran territories on the right bank of the Rhine were secularized and given to Nassau-Weilburg in 1803, and in 1814 nearly the whole of the former electoral dominions were given to Prussia.
  • At the Revolution it was secularized under the name of Le Pantheon, and dedicated to the great men of the nation.
  • It was reconsecrated in 1828 for worship, was again secularized in 1830, was once more a place of worship from 1851 to 1870, and was then a third time secularized.
  • A Franciscan mission was established at Santa Cruz in 1791 and secularized in 1834, but was later destroyed.
  • The great estates of the Church, on which were settled about a million serfs, were secularized and assimilated with the state-domains.