Sentence Examples

  • He was educated at Glasgow university, where he had a brilliant academic career; and having entered the ministry of the Presbyterian Church, he returned to Canada and obtained a pastoral charge in Halifax, Nova Scotia, which he held from 1863 to 1877.
  • When Canada was confederated in 1867 Nova Scotia was the province most strongly opposed to federal union.
  • NEW GLASGOW, a manufacturing and mining town of Pictou county, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the East river, near its entrance into Pictou Harbour, and the Intercolonial railway, 104 m.
  • Under Pierre de Guast, sieur de Monts, Huguenots settled in Nova Scotia in 1604 but did not remain after 1607.
  • The western trough extends northwards into Davis Strait, forming a depression in the Telegraph plateau; to the south of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are Sigsbee Deep, Libbey Deep and Suhm Deep, each of small area; north-east of the Bahamas Nares Deep forms the largest and deepest depression in the Atlantic, in which a sounding of 4561 fathoms was obtained (70 m.