Sentence Examples

  • See, besides the works already referred to, the separate works on Ithaca by Schreiber (Leipzig, 1829); Riihle von Lilienstern (Berlin, 1832); N.
  • See Schreiber, Geschichte and Beschreibung des Miinsters zu Freiburg (1820 and 1825); Geschichte der Stadt and Universitat Freiburgs (1857-1859); Der Schlossberg bei Freiburg (1860); and Albert, Die Geschichtsschreibung der Stadt Freiburg (1902).
  • Schreiber (Leipzig, 1872, and in Rhein.
  • The Germans have been especially attracted by the legend, which has been made the subject of poems by Schubart, Schreiber, W.
  • Schwartz are of especial importance for the literature; those of Schreiber and Strzygowski for the later Greek art.