Sentence Examples

  • A n are scalars, and in particular applications may be restricted to real or complex numerical values.
  • Thus every quaternion may be written in the form q = Sq+Vq, where either Sq or Vq may separately vanish; so that ordinary algebraic quantities (or scalars, as we shall call them) and pure vectors may each be regarded as special cases of quaternions.
  • Combebiac's tri-quaternions, which require the addition of quasi-scalars, independent of one another and of true scalars, and analogous to true scalars.
  • To fix a weighted point and a weighted plane in Euclidean space we require 8 scalars, and not the 12 scalars of a tri-quaternion.
  • Let n, w be two quasi-scalars such that r t e =n, con = w, nw =w 2 = o.