Sentence Examples

  • Belt set - Belt sets issued to infantrymen included a cartridge box, sling, cap pouch, and a bayonet scabbard.
  • Two cross-belts strapped over his shoulders, one used for a cartridge box, and one to hold a bayonet in place (within a scabbard) on either side of his hips.
  • She heard the sound of a weapon scraping a scabbard behind her and turned.
  • He jerked a rifle from its scabbard and swung it around with one arm, firing it into the air.
  • The knights then dressed him in distinctive garments, and they then mounted their horses and rode to the hall where the candidate was to receive knighthood; his future squire was to ride before him bareheaded bearing his sword by the point in its scabbard with his spurs hanging from its hilt.