Sentence Examples

  • Many trends, from the Sauerkraut hairstyle (a take on the beehive) to sexy smoldering eyes, to the popularization of bikini swimwear looks, have all been attributed to Brigitte Bardot.
  • Raw unsalted kimchi is an excellent probiotic source, and you will know your food is alive and flourishing by the way the sauerkraut expands and pours out of the jar upon opening.
  • Vegans can also get probiotics by eating non-dairy fermented sources of the bacteria, such as kim chi, sauerkraut, tempeh, miso, and kombucha.
  • Buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, and raw sauerkraut, are some of the more popular and easily accessible probiotic foods offered in supermarkets.
  • North extols the virtues of Paul's sauerkraut, saying that it "goes great on top of burgers or hot dogs."