Sentence Examples

  • With Khnum are associated the goddesses Sati and Neith.
  • 18 The Sall' (Suttee) wife immolated to accompany her deceased husband often became the guardian of the village, and on the Sati shrine a snake may be represented in the act of rising out of the masonry.
  • The true sati is she who dieth from the shock of separation from her husband.
  • Then Uasan Kuchuk set up one Sati-beg, Abu Saids daughter, and wife successively of Chupan, Arfa Khan and one Suleiman, the last of whom was khan from 1339 to 1343; in the same time I~Iasan Buzurg set up successively Mahommed, Tugha-Timur and JahanTimur.