Sentence Examples

  • Here was an opportunity to sneak away, and be a good Samaritan in the process.
  • "Am I your prisoner or are you some sort of really weird Good Samaritan that's gonna let me go when we get to where we're going?" she asked with a sigh.
  • So the Galileans with some of the lower classes of " the Jews " allied themselves with a " robber " and burned some of the Samaritan villages.
  • Berulle encouraged Descartes' philosophical studies, and it was through him that the Samaritan Pentateuch, recently brought over from Constantinople, was inserted in Lejay's Polyglot Bible.
  • It no doubt owed its subsequent development to the destruction of Samaria and the rise in the district surrounding of the Samaritan nation founded on the colonists settled by Sargon and Assurbani-pal.