Sentence Examples

  • We may probably extend this hostile judgment to the theism of the modern Samaj-es.
  • BRAHMA SAMAJ, a religious association in India which owes its origin to (Raja) Ram Mohan Roy, who began teaching and writing in Calcutta soon after 1800.
  • The name means literally the "Church of the One God," and the word Samaj, like the word Church, bears both a local and a universal, or an individual and a collective meaning.
  • The Brahma Samaj maintained a bare existence till 1841, when Babu Debendra Nath Tagore, a member of a famous and wealthy Calcutta family, devoted himself to it.
  • He gave a printingpress to the Samaj, and established a monthly journal called the Tattwabodhini Patrikd, to which the Bengali language now owes much for its strength and elegance.