Sentence Examples

  • In 1838 he was appointed principal of the united colleges of St Salvator and St Leonard, St Andrews.
  • LATERAN COUNCILS, the ecclesiastical councils or synods held at Rome in the Lateran basilica which was dedicated to Christ under the title of Salvator, and further called the basilica of Constantine or the church of John the Baptist.
  • Other churches are the Gothic church of the Holy Ghost; the churches of St Severin, of St Paul and of St Gertrude; the double church of St Salvator; the Romanesque church of the Holy Cross; the pilgrimage church of Our Lady of Succour (Mariahilf); the church of the hospital of St John; and the Romanesque Votiv Kirche.
  • This building, in which the Roman emperors were formerly elected and, since 1562, crowned, was founded in 852 by King Louis the German, and was later known as the Salvator Kirche.
  • - For a general account of the islands, the most valuable books are Die Balearen geschildert in Wort and Bild, by the archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria (Leipzig, 1896); Les lies oubliees, by G.