Sentence Examples

  • On reduction glucose appears to yield the hexahydric alcohol d-sorbite, and on oxidation d-gluconic and d-saccharic acids.
  • Since both d-glucose and d-gulose yield the same active (d) saccharic acid on oxidation, the configuration of this and the corresponding /-acid must be sought from among those numbered 5-10 in the above table.
  • 7 and 8 can be at once ruled out, however, as acids so constituted would be optically inactive and the saccharic acids are active.
  • If the configuration of d-saccharic acid were given by either 6 or To, bearing in mind the relation of mannose to glucose, it would then be necessary to represent d-mannosaccharic acid by either 7 or 8 - as the forms 6 and Io pass into 7 and 8 on changing the sign of a terminal group; but this cannot be done as mannosaccharic acid is optically active.
  • 5, therefore, represents the configuration of one of the saccharic acids, and No.