Sentence Examples

  • Asplanchnopus myrmeleo, showing horseshoe-shaped germarium (left), blind saccate stomach (right), apical bladder, foot, &c.; g, Asplanchna ebbesbornii - the coiled tube at left is a kidney; h, i, incudate jaws of Asplanchna brightwellii and girodii chiefly formed of rami, with the rudimentary mallei parallel and external to them; j, Ascomorpha hyalina.
  • In Valeriana, Antirrhinum and Corydalis, the spur is very short, and the corolla or petal is said to be gibbous, or saccate, at the base.
  • The boghead of Scotland, Autun and New South Wales is regarded by Renault and Bertrand as mainly composed of gelatinous Algae (Piles and Reinschia), having a hollow, saccate thallus formed of a single layer of cells.

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