Sentence Examples

  • The Sabians (ac-Sabi'un) who are first mentioned in the Koran (ii.
  • Term "Sabians" is uncertain, but he mentions them together with the Jews and Christians.
  • From these true Sabians the pseudo-Sabians of IIarran (Carrhae) in Mesopotamia must be carefully distinguished.
  • Consequently, acting on the advice of a Mahommedan jurist, the IIarranians declared themselves to be "Sabians," a name which shielded them from persecution in virtue of its Koranic authority and was so vague that it enabled them to maintain their ancient beliefs undisturbed.
  • Accounts of these false Sabians reached the West through Maimonides, and then through Arabic sources, long before it was understood that the name in this application was only a disguise.

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