Sentence Examples

  • About the same time, his calves will begin to swell, though with fibrous tissue rather than with muscle and feel firm and rubbery; this condition gives DMD one of its alternate names, pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy.
  • The creation of the "Polly stretch" clothing by Genie Toys gave a unique spin to traditional doll clothing with its rubbery design and clip-on magnetic options for some clothing pieces.
  • The soles may be constructed completely of rubber or suede leather, or they may feature small rubbery grippers that act as traction between the sock and the floor.
  • Cover Girl jumped on the bandwagon (or did they start it?) with the small, rubbery brush that it seems every brand has under their belt by now.
  • By the way, white fungus, also known as tremella, is a rubbery, jelly-like mushroom whose common name is Brown Witch's Butter.