Sentence Examples

  • Bishop of Exeter, rs Q.B.
  • I g 4 h j ` 7, Mandr. t?tio rs e !) Sufli e .
  • In the latter case the sign is determined by -I raised to the same power as before, with the exception that Tux., replaces Tusk; but if one of these numbers be even the other must be uneven; hence A ik = - Ais� rk Moreover aik a,, aikarsAik +aisarkAis Aik, rk aik ars rs where the determinant factor is giyen by the four points in which the deleting lines intersect.
  • Its value is therefore O n and we have the identity D.0 = A n or D It can now be proved that the first minor of the adjoint determinant, say B rs is equal to An-2a�.
  • Now the determinant has the value - {AiA11+A2A22+A3A33+2A2A3A23+2A3AIA31+2A1A2Al2{ = -Eata r r-2EA r A 8 A rs in general, and hence by substitution {A I V A n+ A 211 A22+��� +A71 Ann}2.