Sentence Examples

  • Should he do the latter, tell him you are happy that he called to explain and you would like him to do this with the roommate on the line since the three of you cannot be in the same room to talk about this.
  • Relationships. Whether you make friends for life with your roommate or you develop a great academic relationship with your advisor, college offers the experience of deeper relationships than the ones you were able to achieve in high school.
  • Assuming that the relationship with the roommate is platonic and has not been intimate, your man will be very surprised to read her email and will want to straighten everything out between all of you.
  • When my roommate from college who had handwriting similar to mine showed me what she could do after taking a calligraphy class, I thought to myself: "I can do that!" and started taking classes.
  • First, Lauren plans on moving the girls to her new $2.3 million dollar home, which would seem great for Audrina since she has been Lauren's roommate and faithful friend since the whole Heidi-Spencer-sex-tape-drama.