Sentence Examples

  • Well, actually Sam and Ron went with them, so it's a foursome.
  • In most of the experiments the measurements were made by suddenly withdrawing the bobbin from its place ron FIG.
  • Except in a few instances these were long ago superseded by ron-wire ropes, which in turn have p been replaced by steel because of its greater strength.
  • He formed together with the sons of Zebedee to some extent an inner circle within the Twelve, and this favoured group Ron rrecis specially mentioned as present on three occasions - the raising of the daughter of Jairus (Mark v.
  • The Girondins, discredited in Paris, multiplied their attacks upon Danton, now the master: they attributed the civil war and the disasters of the foreign campaign to the ?I~ despotism of the Paris Commune and the clubs; they the corn- accused Marat of instigating the September massacres; mane and they began the supreme struggle by demanding the a~d the election of a committee of twelve deputies, charged with ron e.