Sentence Examples

  • Do remember that different materials stretch in different manners, and if you are factoring in some stretching on the part of the sneaker, always ask the store executive for advice and suggestions.
  • Factoring in the fact that most states offer multiple financial incentives in the form of tax rebates or refunds, making the choice to convert your home to solar power a very simple decision.
  • Programming can be viewed hours after its original air date on the Internet and on cable television; both sources are not considered by Nielsen when factoring in ratings.
  • While you're factoring your maintenance costs, don't dare treat your hair with over-the -counter hair products, especially if you're investing in a costly salon service.
  • For example, if during the first month you pay $500 worth of principal, the next month, the interest chargers are a $100,000 loan would need factoring on $99,500.