Sentence Examples

  • Les Premiers Romanov (1909).
  • In a short time the invaders were expelled, and a Grand National Assembly elected as tsar Michael Romanov, the young son of the metropolitan Philaret, who was connected by marriage with the late dynasty.
  • During this period, which lasted from 1725 to 1762, the male line of the Romanov dynasty became extinct, and the succession passed to various members of the female line, which intermarried with German princes.
  • Her hatred of Germans showed itself likewise in her persistent struggle with Frederick the Great, which cost Russia 300,000 men and 30 millions of roubles - an enormous sum for those days - but in the choice of a successor she could not follow her natural inclinations, for among the few descendants of Michael Romanov there was no one, even in the female line, who could be called a genuine Russian.
  • Waliszewski under the general title of Les Origines de la Russie moderne: L'Heritage de Pierre le Grand, 1725-41 (Paris, 1900), La Derniere des Romanov (1902), La Crise revolutionnaire, 1584-1614 (1906), Le Berceau d'une dynastie.