Sentence Examples

  • A thick bed of excellent rocksalt is worked here to the extent of about 10o,000 tons annually.
  • - Assuming that each gallon of sea water contains 0.2547 lb of salt, and allowing an average density 2.24 for rocksalt, it has been computed that the entire ocean if dried up would yield no less than four and a half million cubic miles of rock-salt, or about fourteen and a half times the bulk of the entire continent of Europe above high-water mark.
  • Important deposits of rocksalt occur in the Keuper at Berchtesgaden, in the Bavarian Alps; at Hall in Tirol and at Hallein, Hallstatt, Ischl and Aussee in the Salzkammergut in Austria.
  • The mineral resources are almost confined to a few layers of rocksalt near Segeberg.
  • It is composed of red and variegated sandstones, dolomites and marls, traversed in some places by ophitic rocks, and containing deposits of gypsum, aragonite and rocksalt, It thus resembles the Trias of England and Germany.