Sentence Examples

  • Betsey Johnson has been defying the icons of classic couture like Chanel and Hermes since the 1960's when she brought in her festively rock-n-roll designs, which remain to this day as remarkable as they are unmistakably Betsey.
  • "Layla" was released in 1972 as a single with better success in Great Britain and the U.S. and hit an emotional chord with audiences to make it a song that is on almost every list about Rock-n-Roll ever compiled.
  • If you have rock'n'roll fantasies, but need to get those minor details like learning to play an instrument out of the way before you can make them happen, online guitar lessons might be right for you.
  • However, the song transcended its original popularity and truly became a legendary, canonical rock-n-roll song after it proved it was able to stand the test of time despite its contentious origins.
  • I know, we usually go for the new stuff on this download list, but sometimes it's worth stopping and checking in with some of the bands that made rock'n'roll more, well, rock'n'roll.