Sentence Examples

  • A couple of hundred miles from Milan, I was told that Risotto Milanese was basically "rice with food coloring," that they had to put "lots of cheese and butter in their rice to make it taste like anything."
  • The finish is brief but bright with that distinctive Sangiovese tang of acidity that enhances its suitability with food, particularly Italian food like pasta, pizza, risotto, or roasted chicken.
  • The hotel's popular pan-seared halibut includes the halibut steak, a paella risotto cake, asparagus spears with pancetta and Parmesan, and a spicy tomato sauce tops this fine meal off.
  • Once you've mastered a basic risotto, you can begin to tweak the basic recipe to make wonderful dishes such as mushroom risotto with truffle oil.
  • Risotto is a traditional Northern Italian rice dish made with high-starch, non-sticky, medium-grained rice such as Aborio or Carnaroli.