Sentence Examples

  • The rocky sides are finely marked with waves and ripples, as if running water had suddenly been petrified.
  • In front of this is a double series of stationary waves, the gravitation waves forming a series increasing in wave-length with their distance in front of the body, and the surface-tension waves or ripples diminishing in wave-length with their distance from the body, and both sets of waves rapidly diminishing in amplitude with their distance from the body.
  • In observations upon ripples the factor involving h may usually be omitted, and thus in the case of water (p= I) ?3 g ?2 T = 2 2 4, r (3) simply.
  • In consequence of this composite formation, amethyst is apt to break with a rippled fracture, or to show "thumb markings," and the intersection of two sets of curved ripples may produce on the fractured surface a pattern something like that of "engine turning."
  • With v=o, the angular velocity of the cylinder is 2w; in this way the velocity may be calculated of the propagation of ripples and waves on the surface of a vertical whirlpool in a sink.