Sentence Examples

  • Seeing even his books standing rigidly at attention made her uncomfortable.
  • Assuming that these conditions can be rigidly realized, we have the following very simple modus operandi: i.
  • They provided a splendid, rigidly mounted, equatorial stand, fitted with every luxury in the way of slow motion, and scales for measuring the displacement of the segments were read by powerful micrometers from the eye-end.
  • A collar is provided, which when tightened on the vertical axis, otherwise free to move, holds it rigidly in position with respect to the plate PP. To this collar is attached a slow-motion screw, working against a reaction spring, by which the plate rr can be rotated through a small arc. The upper plate carrying two, three .or four verniers vv is attached to a vertical coned pillar passing through the centre of the larger pillar and rotating in it; this plate can be clamped to the lower plate by means of the screw C, and can be rotated with respect to it by the slow-motion screw d.
  • This cylinder, which is suspended from a stand rigidly attached to the earth, has a vertical hole in its centre extending from its upper surface to its centre of gravity, and to the bottom of this well a light rod is fixed.