Sentence Examples

  • The ventral valve is usually the larger, and in many genera, such as Terebratula and Rhynchonella, has a prominent beak or umbo, with a circular or otherwise shaped foramen at or near its extremity, partly bounded by one or two plates, termed a deltidium.
  • Rhynchonella (Hemithyris) psittacea.
  • These canals are closed externally and are absent in Rhynchonella, where the amount of calcareous deposit is small.
  • In Rhynchonella, where there are two pairs of kidneys, the internal opening of the anterior pair is supported by the gastroparietal band and that of the posterior pair by the ileoparietal band.
  • - Rhynchonella (Hemi- and a left half, which enter the thyris) psittacea.

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