Sentence Examples

  • The name Brachiopod (/3paxiwv, an arm, and hots, ir036s, a foot) was proposed for the class by F.
  • The soft body of the Brachiopod is in all cases protected by a shell composed of two distinct valves; these valves are always, except in cases of malformation, equal-sided, but not equivalved.
  • The valves are, consequently, essentially symmetrical, which is not the case with the Lamellibranchiata, - so much so, that certain Brachiopod shells were named Lampades, or lamp shells, by some early naturalists; but while such may bear a kind of resemblance to an antique Etruscan lamp, by far the larger number in no way resemble one.
  • The body of the Brachiopod v usually occupies about the posterior half of the space within the shell.
  • Xliv.) has classified with appropriate names the various stages through which Brachiopod larvae pass.