Sentence Examples

  • To the day which will reunite them to their kinsmen in Transylvania and Bessarabia.
  • Carmen met his gaze for a moment - long enough to reunite, and then they both turned back to the others.
  • When he died in 1378, this son resolved to reunite the domains of the Visconti; and, with this object in view, he plotted and executed the murder of his uncle Bernab.
  • The west-wind drifts on the poleward side carry back part of the water southward to reunite with the equatorial current, and thus there is set up an anticyclonic circulation of water between io and 40° in each hemisphere, the movement of the water corresponding very closely with that of the wind.
  • He showed a liberality most unusual at the time to Protestant dissenters, whom he wished to reunite with the established church.