Sentence Examples

  • He hadn't expected anything different when he met the reincarnated Deidre a few years ago and started down this path.
  • And hoping it wasn't like Wynn, who was reincarnated without even Darkyn realizing the soul was revived.
  • Among the Arunta of Central Australia, the ghosts of the dead haunt certain localities, and, entering the bodies of passing women, are constantly reincarnated; the Black-snake clan of the Warramunga tribe embodies the spirits which the original ancestor had deposited by a certain creek.'
  • Freemans bias was peculiar; he is really a West Saxon of Godwines time reincarnated, and his Somerset hatred of French, Scots and Mercian foreigners sets off his robust loyalty to the house of Wessex.
  • The spirit of the dead may tenant a material object, a " fetish," or may roam hungry and comfortless and need propitiation by food, for unpropitiated it is dangerous, or may be reincarnated, or may " go to its own herd " in another world.