Sentence Examples

  • Dr. Fredric Brandt developed his Pores No More Pore Refiner after 20 years of working in the skin care industry.
  • Become an Interior Refiner® and stage homes following the Use What You Have® system developed by Lauri Ward.
  • The industry is conducted upon a basis of recognized standards of quality, and testing is necessary in the interests of both refiner and consumer, as well as compulsory in connexion with the various statutory and municipal regulations.
  • In some factories for refining sugar made from beet or canes this system of carbonatation is used, and enables the refiner to work with syrups distinctly alkaline and to economize a notable amount of animal charcoal.
  • By this arrangement the work of a refinery can be carried on with about one-half the cisterns otherwise required, because, although it does not reduce the number of bags required per day for a given amount of work, it enables the refiner to use one cistern twice a day with fresh bags, instead of only once as heretofore.