Sentence Examples

  • Larger Winter-green (Pyrola Rotundifolia) - P. rotundifolia is a rare native plant, 6 to 12 inches high, inhabiting woods, shady, bushy, and reedy places.
  • From this point downward, and to some extent above this as far as Samawa, the river forms a succession of reedy lagoons of the most hopeless character, the Paludes Chaldaici of antiquity, el Batihat of the Arabs.
  • The reedy marshes near its mouth form a retreat for a primitive race of fishermen.
  • Water-cress, sweet flag, flowering rush, several potamogetons, water milfoil, water ranunculus, and the reedy sweet watergrass (Glyceria aquatica) rank amongst the criteria of excellence.
  • The southern part of the state includes the Everglades (qv.), a large area of low, flat, marshy land, overgrown with tall reedy grass, a veritable wilderness; thus giving Florida an unenvied first rank among the states in marsh area.