Sentence Examples

  • While being mindful to recycle common items such as glass, appropriate plastics, paper and aluminum, it is important to recycle electronics (such as computer monitors) and automotive-related items as well.
  • Every recycling facility has different guidelines for how to recycle paper products, and consumers should investigate how paper must be prepared, sorted, and turned in to be sure they can contribute to the recycling effort effectively.
  • If the material is fine but the style of garment is something you'd no longer enjoy wearing, you may even be able to recycle it and use it as something else, perhaps turning a cute, cheap shirt into a purse, for example.
  • Consumer recycling participation is increasing, largely due to community-based programs which make it easier to recycle a wide variety of materials including electronic waste such as computers and cell phones.
  • Recycle your glass, paper, metal, and plastic products to reduce pollution, save trees, prevent wildlife habitat destruction, conserve energy and natural resources, and divert materials from incinerators and landfills.