Sentence Examples

  • While you're shopping for all natural shaving products, you might also want to pick up a "green" razor, such as the Preserve Recyclable, which is made from 100 percent recycled plastic.
  • Unfortunately, this recyclable material usually ends up in the trash, and doesn't break down easily.Bottles made from PET involves releasing significant amounts of air pollutants.
  • SIGG bottles are also fully recyclable once their useful life is concluded, which is particularly important because these bottles are made of a non renewable resource.
  • The all-weather wicker resin material is made of polyethylene (PE), which is the resin of choice for durable environmentally friendly and recyclable outdoor furniture.
  • The product is made principally from recycled paper, and it is a challenge to economically source post-consumer recyclable paper in an increasingly paperless society.