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  • The only alien priories granted were Abberbury in Oxfordshire, Wedon Pinkney in Northamptonshire, Romney in Kent, and St Clare and Llangenith in Wales, all very small affairs, single manors and rectories, and these did not form a quarter of the whole endowment.
  • When the storm had subsided the Clergy Reserves and university questions remained dormant until 1836, when the attempt to apply the Reserves to the endowment of rectories renewed the trouble and contributed largely to the crisis of 1837.
  • In the middle ages a large number of rectories were held by religious houses, which drew the bulk of the tithes and appointed vicars to do the work.
  • It follows that, rectories being usually richer than vicarages, the style of "rector" is in England slightly more dignified than that of "vicar."

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