Sentence Examples

  • MARY SOMERVILLE (1780-1872), British scientific writer, was the daughter of Admiral Sir William George Fairfax, and was born on the 26th of December 1780 in the manse of Jedburgh, the house of her mother's sister, wife of Dr Thomas Somerville (1741-1830), author of My Own Life and Times, whose son was her second husband.
  • Bouche-Leclercq's Manse; des aratiq ites romaines, quoted in Daremberg and Saglio; and on the equites si aptlares, T.
  • Joanna Baillie, the poetess,, was born in the manse, and a memorial has been erected in her honour.
  • Of particular interest is the " Old Manse," built in 1765 for Rev. William Emerson, in which his grandson R.
  • Emerson wrote Nature, and Hawthorne his Mosses from an Old Manse, containing a charming description of the building and its associations.