Sentence Examples

  • There are seven other similar structures in the group. Inishmore also bears the name of Aran-na-naomh, Aran-of-the-Saints, from the number of religious recluses who took up their abode in it, and gave a celebrity to the holy wells, altars and shrines, to which many are still attracted.
  • A form nearer to the Greek original, "anachoret," is sometimes used of the early Christian recluses in the East.
  • Some of these recluses only ate every second day, while others succeeded in confining the necessity to a single week-day.
  • He nowhere says himself that his preaching made many converts, but his example was followed by many recluses in the north of England.
  • The manner in which its order of mendicant recluses, at first founded to afford better opportunities to those who wished to carry out that system in practical life, developed at last into a hierarchical monarchy will best be understood by a sketch of the history of Tibet.

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