Sentence Examples

  • Clerc, De rebus Thyatirenorum (1893).
  • An English translation of the De rebus christianorum was published by Murdock in 1851.
  • London, 1675); Torfaeus, De rebus gestis Faereyensium (Copenhagen, 1695); I.
  • It was he who first unearthed (in the convent of St Emmeran at Regensburg) the remarkable Latin poems of the nun Hrosvitha of Gandersheim, of which he published an edition (Nuremberg, 1501), the historical poem Ligurinus sive de rebus gestis Frederici primi imperatoris libri x.
  • In the first place is the official recognition by the state of the Catholic religion 1 These are arranged under thirty-five distinct heads in Nussi's Quinquaginta conventiones de rebus ecclesiasticis (Rome, 1869).