Sentence Examples

  • This annual inquiry has sometimes been mistaken by careless passers-by for an annual reassessment of each ryot's holding.
  • In this connection it should be stated that during 1899 the reassessment of the land tax, a much-needed reform, was seriously taken.
  • The Mahommedan zemindars were injured by the reassessment of the land revenue, which was carried through in the interests of the ryots, and the power of the zemindars was formidable, while that of the ryots was negligible; though it must be remembered that the peasantry as a whole gave no assistance to the mutineers.
  • But in general his domestic policy was not very fortunate, and he can hardly claim any personal credit for the reassessment of the land-tax (1692), the creation of the national debt or the recoinage act (1693-1695).