Sentence Examples

  • Albino individuals may reappear among the offspring.
  • But his authority was scarcely respected in his own residence, for several Turkish amirs assumed independence and could only be subdued by Mongol aid, when they retired to the mountains, to reappear as soon as the Mongols were gone.
  • Here reappear all the characteristic points of Fechner's " worldview " - the panpsychism, the universal parallelism with the identi.
  • The energy due to their separation is thus less in the contracted state than in the original state, and as that energy cannot be lost it must reappear in heat.
  • These characteristics reappear (accompanied, however, by frequent touches of the epigrammatic power above mentioned, which seems to have come to Thiers more readily as an orator or a journalist than as an historian) in his speeches, which after his death were collected in many volumes by his widow.