Sentence Examples

  • Demons slaughtered humans and Immortals alike, razing the mortal world.
  • They'd figure the poor kid would get all kinds of razing in school and all.
  • These were: the cession to Turkey of Azov with all its guns and munitions, the razing of all the forts recently built on the frontier by Russia, the renunciation by the tsar of all claim to interfere with the Tatars under the dominion of the Crimea or Poland, or to maintain a representative at Constantinople, and Russia's consent to Charles's return to Sweden.'
  • He was never crowned at Babylon, which was in a perpetual state of revolt until, in 691 B.C., he shocked the religious and political conscience of Asia by razing the holy city of Babylon to the ground.
  • It involves details of "wrinkling" and "razing," if done by hand-work in copper.

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