Ragnarok Definition

The destruction of the world in the last great conflict between the gods and the forces of evil.
Webster's New World

(Norse mythology) A series of future events culminating in a battle, fought between the Æsir and einherjar on one side and the forces of Surt, Loki, and Loki's children on the other, in which all of creation is burned down and almost all life is extinguished.


Origin of Ragnarok

  • Old Icelandic Ragnarökkr, Ragnarök ragna genitive pl. of regin the gods (pl.) rökr, rökkr twilight or rök reason, origin, marvel (perhaps originally “twilight of the dawn, rebirth”) both akin to Old Icelandic rökva, rökkva to grow dark and Greek Erebos Erebus

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Old Norse ragnarÇ«k (modern Icelandic ragnarök), from regin (“gods") + rÇ«k (“fate, judgment").

    From Wiktionary

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