Sentence Examples

  • The ceilings have the representation of beams and rafters cut in the rock.
  • A large, iron chandelier hung from the rafters of an A-frame roof high above.
  • Bamboo is extensively used as a timber wood, and houses are frequently made entirely out of the products of the plant; complete sections of the stem form posts or columns; split up, it serves for floors or rafters; and, interwoven in lattice-work, it is employed for the sides of rooms, admitting light and air.
  • In his study - a tower of refuge, separate from the house, which he has minutely described - he read, wrote, dictated, meditated, inscribed moral sentences which still remain on the walls and rafters, annotated his books, some of which are still in existence, and in other ways gave himself up to a learned ease.
  • In glazing, the greater the surface of glass, and the less space occupied by rafters and astragals as well as overlaps, the greater the admission of light.