Sentence Examples

  • Let us fix our attention on a small area dS of the boundary of the s (3) qi „ and so on.
  • Hence Qi /CI =Q2/C2 or Q I /Q 2 =C I /C 2.
  • Pn, qn lie within a range such that p t is between p i and pi +dpi qi „ „ qiqi +dq i, and so on.
  • Since dp4+(-)P+T1(p +q qi 1)!dd4, the solutions of the partial differential equation d P4 =o are the single bipart forms, omitting s P4, and we have seen that the solutions of p4 = o are those monomial functions in which the part pq is absent.
  • They may be regarded as obtained from a series Po + (Qi - Qo) + (Q2 (P2 - 1:11) +..