Sentence Examples

  • They are probably of the Norman period, and were kept in the Pyx Chapel at Westminster, now in the custody of the Commissioners of Works.
  • In the East it was kept against the wall behind the altar; in the West, in a locked aumbry in some part of the church, or (as in England and France) in a pyx made in the form of a dove and suspended over the altar.
  • This chest was formerly kept in the Chapel of the Pyx in Westminster Abbey.
  • The chapel or chamber of the Pyx is part of the undercroft of the original dormitory, and is early Norman work of the Confessor's time.
  • It was used as a treasury for the regalia and other articles of value in early times, and here were kept the standard coins of the realm used in the trial of the pyx now carried out at the Mint.