Sentence Examples

  • He grouped around him all the leading writers, publicists and progressive young men of the day; declaimed against prejudices; stimulated the timid; inspired the lukewarm with enthusiasm; and never rested till the constitution of the 3rd of May 1791 had been carried through.
  • It placed the author in the front rank of European publicists, and won him the friendship of some of the most distinguished men of the time, including Burke himself.
  • The prompt and full recognition of Maine's genius by continental publicists must not pass unmentioned even in the briefest notice.
  • France, Germany, Italy, Russia have all contributed to do him honour; this is the more remarkable as one or two English publicists of an older school signally failed to appreciate him.
  • Gathered there also were a host of publicists, secretaries and courtiers, and never before had Europe witnessed such a collection of rank and talent.