Sentence Examples

  • To find the pth moment, when uo, u l, u 2, ...
  • In cases other than those described in § 82, the pth moment with regard to the axis of u is given by Pp = XPrA where A is the total area of the original trapezette, and S 2 _ 1 is the area of a trapezette whose ordinates at successive distances h, beginning and ending with the bounding ordinates, are o, x1P -1A, x2 P-1 (AI+AI),.
  • Y where K-=4, X qth moment with regard to plane y =o, Lm yn X pth moment with regard to plane x =o, and R is the volume of a briquette whose ordinate at (x,.,y s) is found by multiplying by pq x r P - 1 ys 4-1 the volume of that portion of the original briquette which lies between the planes x =xo, y =yo, y = ys.
  • Gergonne had shown that when a number of the intersections of two curves of the (p+q)th degree lie on a curve of the pth degree the rest lie on a curve of the qth degree.
  • Pth power of n, the series itself being called the power-series.