Sentence Examples

  • Alexandretta by entering in Phi, Psi, Delta, Phi for Easy; Phi, Psi, Phi, Sigma for Normal; and Psi, Psi, Phi, Omega for Hard.
  • As part of his work at Duke, Rhine and his wife Louisa created a scientific structure around the emerging field of parapsychology and attempted to quantify psi or psychic abilities.
  • Cayce’s readings suggested that psi abilities are the result of soul development through various incarnations and physical attunement.
  • Salzburg by entering in Delta, Psi, Phi, Omega for Easy; Phi, Psi, Delta, Omega for Normal; and Psi, Delta, Sigma, Sigma for Hard.
  • Nepal by entering in Phi, Sigma, Psi, Omega for Easy; Delta, Psi, Delta, Sigma for Normal; and Phi, Omega, Omega, Sigma for Hard.