Sentence Examples

  • The breaking of such a promissory oath was called " perjury " (as in classical Latin and in Shakespeare), contrary to modern usage which confines the word to false evidence before a court of justice.
  • Two years before the close of his term, with a promissory note for thirty dollars, he bought the remainder of his time from his master, and at the age of nineteen began to study law.
  • For notes of hand or promissory notes see Negotiable Instru Ments and Bill Of Exchange, and for notes passing as currency see Banks And Banking, Bank-Note and Post.
  • In bills of exchange or promissory notes month means a calendar month (Bills of Exchange Act, 1882, s.
  • The financial treaties in which the Egyptian government were bound up prevented their ever paying so large a sum as this within five years; but a company was formed in London to advance periodically the sum due to the contractors, on receipt from the government of Egypt of promissory notes to pay sixty half-yearly instalments of £78,613, beginning on the 1st of July 1903.