Sentence Examples

  • The theorist laid before the joint commission his projet, the result of five years of cogitation, only to have it ridiculed by the great soldier.
  • Among other works, Constitutions de la nation francaise (1819); Appreciation du projet de loi relatif aux trois concordats (1806, 6th ed.
  • He became a member of the Committee of Public Instruction early in 1793, and after carrying many useful decrees on the preservation of national monuments, on the military schools, on the reorganization of the Museum of Natural History and other matters, he brought forward on the 26th of June his Projet d'education nationale (printed at the Imprimerie Nationale), which proposed to lay the burden or primary education on the public funds, but to leave secondary education to private enterprise.
  • Lakanal, who was a member of the commission, now began to work for the organization of higher education, and abandoning the principle of his Projet advocated the establishmentef state-aided schools for primary, secondary and university education.
  • He drew up schemes for departmental normal schools, for primary schools (reviving in substance the Projet) and central schools.