Sentence Examples

  • Wingate prints many translations of the proclamations and correspondence of the mandi.
  • The proclamations, however, designated him Stephen Frewen, and he was consequently able to escape into France.
  • From the balcony of the town house, which overlooks the square, proclamations were read to the burghers, summoned to the spot by the ringing of the bell in the smalldomed tower.
  • Legislation is enacted by proclamations in the name of the high commissioner.
  • His "plan" for defending the city raised expectations doomed to disappointment; the successive sorties made under pressure of public opinion were unsuccessful, and having declared in one of his proclamations that the governor of Paris would never capitulate, when capitulation became inevitable he resigned the governorship of Paris on the 2 2nd of January 1871 to General Vinoy, retaining the presidency of the government until after the armistice in February.